Telkom pay dispute heads to CCMA

Johannesburg - A pay dispute between Solidarity and Telkom will be taken to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration, the union said on Tuesday.

Spokesperson Marius Croucamp said wage talks between the two parties had deadlocked.

"Solidarity is demanding a wage increase of 8.8% based on the consumer price index of 5.8% plus 3%."

He said wage talks began in March and after five sessions of negotiations the parties reached a stalemate.

"Trade unions rejected Telkom's final offer of a 1.5% increase."

Comment from Telkom could not immediately be obtained.

Croucamp said the union was still in talks with the telecommunications company over the severance and early retirement packages it offered to 21 000 of its employees earlier this year.

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Lindani Gumede 2013/05/15 08:55:06 AM
I fully support the 8.8% demand. Let's hear the union haters criticise Solidarity. I'm quite sure most of them will be sympathetic since its Solidarity raising this, not a Cosatu affiliated union. .
Kidd N Play 2013/05/15 09:14:54 AM
Get your facts right before throwing stones. All unions have taken the company to CCMA. The others are also fighting for what Solidarity feels comfortable with, the Apartheid Wage gap. And unlike Solidarity they don't have a culture of running to the papers when in dispute.
Joe Black302 2013/05/22 04:38:11 PM
Mean time the gold workers strike has taken 10%+ off the value of the Rand. So they will end up earning less even if they get a good raise. Striking costs the country so much.
Marie Jooste 2013/05/28 03:47:45 PM
Telkom workers need a good raise. Many do physical labor and I know of many who suffer daiy from injuries obtained at te workplace. Despite the raises, workers are getting poorer daily.