Govt, public servants agree wage deal

Johannesburg - Public servants will get a seven percent wage increase, Public Service Minister Lindiwe Sisulu said on Tuesday.

"The increase is effective from May this year, and for 2013 to 2015 the increase is Consumer Price Index plus 1%," Sisulu said in a statement.

The agreement, between labour unions and the government, indicated it was possible for parties to solve problems together, she said.

"This three-year agreement allows for the employer and labour to implement all elements of the agreement. The three years are also in line with government planning cycle and ensure stability and proper planning for both parties."

It was further agreed to amend the qualifying period for pay progression from 12 to 24 months for new public service employees.

Workers would get more annual leave and cash awards for long service.

"The employer was relieved that after six months of difficult negotiations, parties have finally come to this conclusion."

Bonga Sikhakhane 2012/07/31 08:10:16 PM
Atlist they agreed bt nw y is it starting at may n wat do they say abt housing allowance cos I saw nothing abt it. I wouldn't like to see the strike happening again so 7% is better than that 4% they started negotiating.
Barefoot 2012/07/31 08:14:53 PM
2013-2015 these people are funny, they'll be negotiating again next year.
DCK 2012/07/31 08:26:35 PM
Election year....everything's agreeable
Karl van Rooyen 2012/07/31 08:33:24 PM
What a waste of the private sectors tax . U lot don't deserve a 5 cent increase . Goverment leaches misusing my hard earned pay phuut phuut!
Tsietsi Bhakajuju Mshengu 2012/07/31 08:37:43 PM
Unions can be stupid sometimes. Which one was better: 6.9% backdated to April or 7% backdated to April? I think the former. These so called negotiators wasted all this time for a lousy 0,1%? We loose again as public servants, thanks to the unions again!
joel.segalo.1 2012/07/31 09:38:03 PM
they have started again they dont talk about the benefits, n why May?
Solly Maredi 2012/07/31 09:40:16 PM
as public servant u'l alwys be slave dat educate ur elected masters who in turn earn more
Gerda Malherbe 2012/07/31 10:21:29 PM
Would anyone notice the difference in service delivery if 2 million public servants strike? Don't think so, no service either way
Coenraad Vaneeden 2012/07/31 10:31:16 PM
I told you before the unions sold you out 7 increase and 10 decrease. Your housing allow will fall away if you don't have a bond
Justice Mdunwazi 2012/07/31 10:37:09 PM
Hi sweswo!!!