Just how many is 6.7 million? SA's jobless crisis in perspective

According to the latest estimates, nearly 7 million people in South Africa are unemployed. But just how big is that number? Fin24 puts it into perspective.

It is: 

About 40% of SA's Facebook users in 2019.


Roughly 1.3 times the number of elderly people (aged 60+) in the country, according to StatsSA's mid-year estimates.

Elderly woman driving car UK. (Photo by: Photofusi

Around 30 times the number of people killed in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.


Around twice the number of people who could lose food stamps under a new US Department of Agriculture proposal.

Donald Trump

The estimated number of people killed by air pollution each year.

City of Johannesburg

Just under half South Africa's total vehicle population for May/ June 2019 (12.5 million).

Black car parking in line outdoor

The number of job openings across the US in 2018 – without skilled workers to fill them.

Working abroad concept background. Having a job op

The number of US tons of cabin waste generated by airline passengers each year.

An aeroplane strikes birds.

The approximate size of the population of Bulgaria. Bulgaria is the 14th largest country in Europe, but its population has shrunk to below 7 million.

Map of Europe (Getty Images)

* For ease of reference, Fin24 rounded off numbers quoted. The figures are therefore approximate, with references provided for additional clarity.