Ministry says it is not bad for business

2013-03-06 19:57 Johannesburg - The communication department has denied being bad for business.

"No business people have ever raised concerns about uncertainty and business confidence," spokesperson Siyabulela Qoza said on Wednesday.

The Cape Chamber of Commerce's information and communication technology (ICT) committee chairperson, Roderick Lim Banda, said on Tuesday that business was becoming increasingly frustrated by a lack of governance and delivery in the department.

Qoza asked why the chamber did not raise its members' concerns through the channels they had used in the past.

"The department has acknowledged for a while now that, on its own, it would not be able to address all the challenges faced by the country," said Qoza.

Qoza said Communications Minister Dina Pule had set up an ICT policy review panel to receive input from all South Africans about policy proposals in the ICT sector.

One of the panel members was successfully lobbied for by the Cape Chamber of Commerce. The minister met the panel on Monday, Qoza said.

He said the ICT sector in South Africa flourished because of the policies put in place.

"However, the department understands that technology, environmental, industry and individual needs are a constantly changing factor in the ICT field, and as such the department is continually revising and revisiting [its] policies."