#EntrepreneurCorner: Building an online health booking platform

Cape Town – This week's #EntrepreneurCorner features Sheraan Amod, the CEO of RecoMed, an online healthcare booking platform.

While living in the US, Amod says he realised that, as a newbie in New York, it was difficult to find doctors. But online bookings made it easier to find someone. 

After returning to South Africa, he realised this service was not available here. So he decided to create the platform, RecoMed.  

According to Amod, the great thing about RecoMed is that consumers can find and book appointments with doctors online, as well as read reviews and leave recommendations. 

"By doing that, we're saving people time; no more phone calls, no more waiting in lines and we're giving them a lot of choice because now they can make informed decisions," Amod told Fin24.

Growth and challenges

RecoMed has grown since its launch in 2013 and has integrated its business by adding health care service providers onto the platform.

"We’ve since added the likes of Discovery, Medicross, Clicks amongst others as our customers. Back in 2014, we had a hundred or so of doctors who said 'yeah, we really love this platform'," Amod told Fin24.

They now have more than a thousand doctors on their platform.

"Entrepreneurs are often product people. We understand the problem we’re trying to solve. I want to build something that gives users an amazing experience. It's all about communicating the value to the customer," he says. 

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