Debt-free in three years


sxp 2014/01/05 03:26:06 PM
Step1: Force those who want your money to proof an actual and awful debt exists. Step 2. Make them proof that they are the lawful holders of the debt and make them show you the original instrument that created the debt.
Yaseen Moosa 2014/01/06 03:47:41 PM
Why focus on the smallest amount, shouldn’t you pay the debt with the highest interest rate first?
Lorna Murdoch-Eaton 2014/01/08 08:51:08 AM
One further piece of advice should be added to the above article, that is : Getting into MORE debt will not solve your financial difficulties. People borrow money to try and start business's, or to buy things they think will earn them extra money to pay off their debts but it seldom works out that way. You only end up owing more money. Rather start small (business) and don't buy anything on credit.
Colette Thomas 2014/01/08 10:22:51 AM
What is your view on applying at a debt counsellor to handle the restructuring of your debt? They take their fee and agreed installments paid to your creditors on your behalf. Your application is processed through the court so your creditors cannot take legal action against you.
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