Mobile is changing the way you can manage and pay bills, making it easier

Keeping track of your bills can be a real headache, especially with bills coming via email, post and sometimes apparently never arriving at all! Technology is changing all this - here are five ways to keep track of your bills and to keep a close eye on your spending habits:

1. Track your spending. You can do this in various ways – but cancelling stop orders and approving all payments is a good way to ensure you “sign off” every single account. It’s easy to allow your spending to creep up if your bills are all paid automatically by stop order.

2. You don’t have to worry about filing anymore. One of the biggest hassles when paying your bills is keeping track of all bills and payment history. But the digital age has made this so much easier by allowing you to save all your bills and proof of payment electronically.

3. With security being a major factor and cybercrime being a constant threat – remembering passwords is difficult, especially if you use different passwords for different accounts (as advised). It helps to use platforms that have proven to be safe, secure and even enable you to use your fingerprint to authenticate payments.

4. Align your billing dates or set reminders. If paying bills is something that you do once a month it’s less of a hassle - another trick is to set reminders, so that you can meet your payments on time. Both these tips will help plan your cash flow for the rest of the month without there being any nasty “surprises” down the line.

5. Paying your bills via credit card improves your cashflow as most credit cards offer up to 55 days interest free credit.


walletdoc does all of the above, for free. It alerts you when a bill arrives and reminds you when a bill is due. walletdoc also remembers all your account and reference numbers & allows you to pay  over 400 of South Africa’s largest service providers – including most municipalities, telecommunication companies and utilities - at the touch of a button, from anywhere, on your cell phone. With walletdoc, you can choose to pay with any Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club card or American Express card.   A stunningly helpful tool, walletdoc is free to use and will make paying bills an absolute joy. Well… almost.


walletdoc is available on the app store and on Google Play, as well as at