Uber now allows drivers to choose payment method

Johannesburg - Uber has introduced a new, pilot cash indicator feature in South Africa which will allow drivers to choose the method of how they will be paid. 

Uber said on Thursday that the cash indicator allows Uber driver-partners to choose whether they will accept a cash trip request or not. 

“Uber received feedback from driver-partners expressing their need to be able to choose the kind of trips they want to accept,” Uber said in a statement.  

“This feedback came from their focus groups, comments at partner appreciation events and recent safety working groups. Uber has taken heed of this request and believe the new cash indicator pilot will address their needs,” the company added. 

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The cab-hailing service allows drivers a 75% share in each trip they take a passenger on with the balance going to the US-based company.

“Uber’s service fee will still apply for cash trips. But as trips will still be paid by card, Uber’s service fee can be deducted for all trips a partner takes from the electronic payments they get each week,” Uber told Fin24.

Uber said that the value of every transaction is recorded and tracked.

“This ensures riders know how much they are required to pay (or are being charged) at the end of a ride, drivers know how much they earn and Uber knows how many trips are being facilitated and what driver partners’ earnings are,” the company added.

Previously, users were able to choose their payment method, either cash or direct deduction from the user’s bank account. Now, drivers will be able to choose whether or not they want to receive cash. 

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