Transformation in accountancy industry

2014-02-05 13:19 Johannesburg - The most recent professional evaluation exam held by the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (Saipa) provides a snapshot of the positive impact several industry bodies are making towards the growth and transformation of the accountancy industry.

The top ten candidates of this exam comprise a more demographically diverse group than ever before.

African accountants doing it for themselves

“The results of the most recent professional evaluation exam indicate that, despite a lack of demographically representative role models, aspiring accountants are taking responsibility for their own motivation and career growth,” said Yogini Sigamoney, training manager at Saipa.

“We commend those that have fought many obstacles to build promising careers.”

Candidates that have passed the professional evaluation exam qualify to apply for the designation of Professional Accountant (SA) which is the accredited designation of Saipa.

They can also register with Sars as a tax practitioner in terms of Section 240 of the amended Tax Administration Act.

Employers hold the keys to success

“For South Africa to experience the true benefit of these types of results, it is imperative that both public and private sector support transformation efforts led by industry bodies,” said Sigamoney.

“It would be an absolute shame to see these results end up as mere statistics, without the benefit being transferred to the South African economy.”

Promotion of results that indicate the quality of the Professional Accountant (SA) will positively influence those that are considering a career in accountancy, according to Saipa.

In turn this will be leading to a bigger pool of future accountants to address the skills shortages still prevalent, said Saipa.