WATCH: The costs of US wars post 9/11

It's been 17 years to the day since the tragic September 11 attacks in the US which claimed the lives of almost 3 000 people. The costs of war since then have increased exponentially.

The US' post 9/11 wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan have resulted in around 400 000 direct and an estimated 800 000 indirect civilian deaths. The combined total of 1.2 million war-induced deaths exclude the lives taken by militant groups that were produced due to the US invasions.

The US Department of Defence says it has spent $1.5trn on wars since 9/11, but other studies suggest the actual figure estimated in 2017 is three times more at over $5.6trn, costing the average US taxpayer $23 386 on these wars since 2001.

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