Cell C ups buyout offer to R20 000

Johannesburg - South Africa’s third largest network Cell C has revised its contract buyout offer upwards from a maximum of R10 000 to R20 000.

In May last year, Cell C launched an initiative to give customers up to R10 000 to help buy themselves out of contracts with other networks.

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The promotion has helped customers of rival networks pay their way out of their contracts and sign up with a Cell C post-paid package.

At first, the promotion was intended to last just four months, but it has been extended into 2016.

And Cell C’s chief executive officer Jose Dos Santos has this week explained why his company is increasing its buyback offer.

“Many prospective customers have been complaining about the excessive fees charged by our competitors to terminate their contracts in order to join Cell C,” said Dos Santos in a statement.

“That’s why we have doubled the contract buy-out offer to up to R20 000 and removed the requirement for customers to hand in their old device,” he said.

Subsequently, Cell C has also launched a new range of contract products dubbed the ‘Pinnacle’ suite, which buyout customers can sign up for.

The Pinnacle suite ranges from a R499 monthly cost to R999, ranging from offering 1GB of inclusive data to 10GB.

Cell C is South Africa's third largest network with approximately 22 million customers.